Gentle. Low risk of abrasion. Hygienic.

opticlean-fadesOptiClean™ is a single-use rotary debrider specifically designed for the removal of temporary cement and debris. It is the smallest instrument on the market with a 1.6 mm tip diameter. Used in a slow-speed handpiece with or without water spray, OptiClean offers significant advantages over traditional methods of removing temporary cement.

Prep cleaning made easy.

  • Efficient rotary instrumentation. For fast removal of temporary cement.
  • Good working view. No paste or pumice slurry required.
  • Gentle to prep, teeth and soft tissue. Low risk of abrasion. Requires no anesthesia.
  • Excellent interproximal access. Due to 1.6 mm conical tip design.
  • Hygienic. Single use eliminates cross contamination.
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Use OptiClean™ for the complete removal of temporary cement and debris.

OptiClean removes all traces of temporary cement and delivers a perfectly clean cementation surface of the entire tooth preparation in literally seconds. Used in a slow speed handpiece, Opticlean is a single-use instrument with a 1.6mm diameter tip for excellent interproximal access.


OptiClean™ offers…...

Easy and Effective Handling

  • Faster, easier and complete removal of temporary cement
  • Excellent access due to its design
  • Clear view of the working surface since no paste or pumice slurry is required

More gentle than common procedures

  • Low risk of abrasion on the prep and adjacent teeth
  • Gentle to the soft tissue
  • Highly hygienic single-use instrument

Product Details

  • OptiClean total length - 24mm
  • Shank material - aromatic polyamide
  • Conical tip contains 40 microns of aluminum oxide abrasive
  • Single-use only


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